A Mr Call Sofa

Favorite sofa EVER! Seriously, this model makes me week in the knees. Featured on the cover of a 1971 New York Times article entitled “Home”. A pair has recently become available. I mean…shut the front door. Mr Call may need to buy himself an early holiday present.


A Mr Call Standard

The preferred door handle at MCD is chunky, made of solid brass, has exposed screws, and is unlacquered to achieve a natural patina.


Broken Chevron Patterns

At MCD we collect patterns for inspiration. We use them for tile layouts, custom area rugs, fabric inspiration, etc. Recently, we noticed a trend for “Broken Chevrons”. Perhaps this is version 2.0 of the chevron craze that rocked the Interior Design community years ago (and has finally run it’s course, thank you very much). Whatever it is, the fragmented soul of these lively patterns are catching our eye lately at MCD. Check out a few of our picks here:

Tea Tables


Tea Tables: I always love a good furniture arrangement with a tea table (a 30” high small table that can be moved around a room easily). Pulled up to a sofa, you can have an impromptu meal or spend a comfortable day at work on your laptop. Flanked by a couple of chairs by the fireplace, they provide a place for an intimate dinner for two. Often overlooked, the Tea Table is an MCD favorite.


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DANGERMAU5 concert I refer to in the Surface Video

A few of you have been asking about the DANGERMAU5 concert that I refer to in the Surface Video for Tom Dixons Underground during ICFF. It was this killer concert sponsored by Nokia that lit up the London skyline with an incredible lightshow and kick-ass music. Here is a link to check it out: For those of you that haven’t seen Mr Call for Surface, you can see the video here: